Sage Investigation – What is Happening in Clearfield Utah?

Sage Investigation – What is Happening in Clearfield Utah?

It has now been almost seven weeks since Sage was tortured and abused in Clearfield, Utah.  Over Sixty One Thousand Dollars ($61,000) has been donated to a reward fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible.  The Clearfield Police and the Humane Society of Northern Utah have stated that hundreds of good leads were being investigated.

A second cat with similar injuries of torture and abuse has been found within blocks of where Sage was tortured and abused.

I understand that over 150 people attended the vigil for Sage, signed a book for Sage, shared on Facebook, lit candles, posted sad faces, and created touching posters.

No charges have been filed.  There have been no updates or statements for weeks.

The person responsible for Sage’s torture and death is still out there in Clearfield, Utah.

Please keep in touch for those responsible for conducting the investigation.  Their email contacts are listed on the email page.

Demand Justice for Sage


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