Arrest in Justice For Strushie — Justice For Sage – Inactive, Dead Case File, Closed?

Arrest in Justice For Strushie — Justice For Sage – Inactive, Dead Case File, Closed?

We have been following the efforts of the committed people in Miami Beach since we heard about the senseless killing and slow death of a gentle cat named Strushie at the Franklin Hotel.

Congratulations and a big thank you to the Miami Beach Police Department, US Secret Services, and entire community of Miami Beach for their dedication and efforts to make an arrest in the killing of an innocent resident cat at the Franklin Hotel.  I am also very impressed with the continuing investigation into evidence tampering and statements from the judge Mindy Glazer.  They all seem to recognize the seriousness of the crime.

This felony case also appears to have captured the attention of a mayoral candidate that is listening and responding to the citizens of Miami Beach that have found this crime truly heinous.

It appears as if the killer initially lied about finding Strushie.  Does that sound familiar?  I wonder if the Miami Beach Police Department asked him to take a polygraph test or if they just dug right in and worked on some hard evidence?

Here are some interesting videos and links concerning the background and character of the suspect Georgios Lollias:


I hope that the Clearfield Mayor Mark Shepherd and Police Chief Greg Krusi share the same values and commitment but we have unfortunately heard nothing from his office concerning efforts to make an arrest for the three days of torture and killing of Sage.  The only statements that we have received is that they have interviewed some suspects with one failing a polygraph test.  They have now declared the case as “inactive” or “in a dead case file”.

Sage Questions 6-14-17


2 thoughts on “Arrest in Justice For Strushie — Justice For Sage – Inactive, Dead Case File, Closed?

  1. Thank you for this concise posting of Strushies killers, etc. it took a lot of people protesting, emailing, calling & outraging all over the MBPD…thy finally listened. They had dropped the ball in the 1st first place by not confiscating the security video. Hopefully now the killers will go to jail for a long time..hoping Kollias squeals on Franklin Hotel owner, Visio. They are complicit I’m sure.

    God bless those that are seeking Justice for Sage. Clearfiekd Mayor & Police Chief need to re-examine this case! We don’t know the details, but you do. Has a PA decided to prosecute the family member? Can the family be held accountable for not turning a family member in? Obstruction of justice? Harboring a dangerous & disturbed person…?
    Can he/she be Baker Acted? I believe the police can do that…

  2. Thats heart braking.Sad to take a animal into your care and kill it.I hate cat killers. I have 2 cats and love the hell out of them. You hurt my babies i will turn your asses in.Them cats dont hurt nobody. LuAnn Wagner.

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